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Lexus’s hybrid crossover has 10 airbags!

Lexus RX 450h F SPORT is a mid-size luxury cross-over. Cross over is a car that is a combination of an SUV and a car. Talking about the specifications of Lexus RX 450h F SPORT, it is equipped with a 24-valve V6 engine. This 3,456cc engine can produce torque up to 335Nm. This crossover takes 7.7 seconds to catch the speed of 0-100 km / h. The maximum speed of the carriage is 200 km / h. Speaking of mileage, this car can range from 18.8 km to 1 liter of fuel. The fuel tank of Lexus RX 450h F SPORT is of 65 liters.

The length of Lexus RX 450h F SPORT is 4,890mm, width is 1,895mm and height is 1,685mm. The length of the carriage is 2,790mm. There is a lot of room in this crossover to keep your luggage, because its boot capability is 453 liters. Let us tell you that this is a hybrid car, that is, it runs with electric power. Safety features of the car are also amazing and it is equipped with 10 airbags.

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