Asaram Sentenced life imprisonment in the rape case, what is next?


On Tuesday, Asaram has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted by the Special Court of Jodhpur in the rape case. While the other accused Rajdar Shilpi and Mr. Sarat Chandra have been sentenced to 20 years.

Two accused named Shiva and Prakash have been declared innocent by the court. It is noteworthy that the accused of this case has been lodged in Jail for more than four and a half years since Asaram was accused of committing rape on a minor.

According to this, the remaining life of Asumal Sirumalani aka Asaram will now be passed behind jail only. Asaram was left in tears as soon as Jodhpur Central Jail Judge Madhusudan Sharma’s verdict was out. Earlier on Tuesday morning when he was convicted, he laughed and used to chant Ram.

Asaram’s spokesperson Neelam Dubey said, “As the court’s verdict is out now, We will discuss the next steps to be taken, after discussing with our legal team We have full faith in our law.”

They also said that “Asaram will be appealing the High Court for the stay against life imprisonment”.

So what has happened after this court’s verdict:

  1. The lawyers of accused can appeal against this decision in the High Court for the judgment given by the lower court. They can appeal in this petition that the verdict is not acceptable to us, so the judgment is taken into consideration in the High Court.
  2. The High Court can reject the application or accept it after hearing the petition filed by the accused.
  3. If the High Court decides to hear the verdict, then the public prosecutor can ask for a stay on this verdict.
  4. Apart from this, if the High Court has stayed on this verdict, the defense lawyer can make one more petition and can appeal for bail till the court gives his final decision on the case.
  5. While applying for the bail application in the High Court, they can present 77-year-old Asaram’s age as well as his illness reasons for bail.
  6. On the other side, the accused can get rid of Asaram Jail when he pleads guilty to the accused on this plea.
  7. But in the usual circumstances, when any lower court has given the life sentence to the accused in any case, it is almost impossible for the accused to get bail by the High Court.

In 2013, the victim lodged FIR against Asaram,

The victim lodged an FIR in the Kamalnagar police check post in Delhi on August 19, 2013, against Asaram. The victim said she was sexually assaulted by Asaram disguising in his practicing of her treatment in a farmhouse in Jodhpur on August 15 and 16.

However, after the FIR was lodged against Asaram, the FIR was registered and afterward, it was transferred Jodhpur. The case was filed against Asaram as per Section 342, 376, 354-A, 506, 509/34, JJ Act 23 and 26 of the IPC and Section 8 of the POSCO Act.

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