Jammu-Kashmir: The army fired 5 terrorists who were crossing the border


Even after the message of peace given by the Indian government, Pakistan does not come out of its cheap terrorist activities. The intrusion of border crossing in Jammu and Kashmir has once again been foiled by the army.

Security forces shot 5 terrorists dead who were trying to infiltrate into Indian territory in Tangghar on Saturday.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, “On Saturday, the army personnel at the LOC shot the terrorists who were trying to infiltrate the LOC in Tangara sector. The expedition killed the terrorists. The search operation is still going on. Army forced terrorists to return back to Pakistan.

So far the army has destroyed the targets of the terrorists in Ramban district and also seized arms in large quantities. Meanwhile, the army has seized AK-47, AK303 rifle, .36 mm gun, a grenade launcher, a magazine of the AK-47 rifle, a magazine of 303 rifles and a six-round cartridge.

It is important that the decision of seizure has been decided by the Government of India during the holy month of Ramzan, but, after this decision, activities of terrorists have increased.

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