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Ivanka Trump do not take salaries yet she is a billionaire, know how

America’s President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump visits India on Tuesday. She has come to participate in the three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). 36-year-old Ivanka wins her life in a royal way. Ivanka is known as the American Business Woman. She is counted in Powerful Business Women also. She is associated with the fashion modelling industry.

According to Time’s report, she is a consultant to US President Donald Trump. For which she does not take any salaries. At the same time, her husband Jared Kushner is also senior adviser. He also do not take any salaries. But their earnings are from real estate and own fashion brands. His total earnings is around 300 million (about 19 thousand crore rupees). Let’s know how is Ivanka’s Lifestyle. Ivanka is very much fond of wearing expensive clothes. She gets into a lot of discussion for wearing expensive clothes. Most of her clothes are designed by herself only which is very well known all around the world. Ivanka has also launched clothes in its name which can be easily found online now.


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