ISRO’s another record, launched 31 satellites simultaneously.



Establishing all records in space science, ISRO has successfully completed its 100th satellite launch by establishing more records today. ISRO has successfully launched 31 satellites simultaneously. 28 foreign and 3 indigenous satellites were launched using PSLV C-40 Rocket from ISRO, which includes Canada, Finland, France, South Korea, Britain and US satellites. This is one of the longest missions of ISRO.

After launching the rocket, all the 31 satellites have been installed in their orbit in 2.21 hours. Indigenous Satellite Cartosat-2 launched for Earth navigation is very important satellite for India. The satellite includes 100 kilograms of micro and 10 kilograms of nano satellites. Cartosat-2 series of satellites will enable India to get good quality photographs of various parts of the Earth.

These photographs can be used to keep track of the network of roads as well as urban and rural planning. It is important to note that on 4th August, 2017, ISRO had failed to launch the 8th Navigational Satellite of the country. According to ISRO, the launch was unsuccessful because Heat shield got separated. But this time, ISRO successfully launched 31 satellites and once again established its credibility.

This satellite can also take pictures of the earth. India’s border movements can also be tracked. We can say this is some bad news for China and Pakistan.

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