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Is it wrong to have physical relationship during pregnancy?

The National Health Service of England says that physical relationship is safe during pregnancy. Though, having physical relationship has always been a disputed topic in the days of pregnancy. Psychologists say that there are many changes in body during pregnancy, which can affect sex life. During this time, partners need to emotionally support each other. Psychologist and Relationship Expert Emma Kenny says that any changes in the body have its effect on sex life. This happens even in the days of pregnancy. Many couples perform better during this time.

65 percent of the men admitted that their partner seemed to be more beautiful during pregnancy. However, in the sixth month, 57 per cent of couples refrain to have physical relationship. A large number of women in the survey believed that their sex life was good enough for four months of pregnancy. The channel, which shows on parenting topics, has conducted a survey on 2000 parents. Many couples admitted in the survey that they do not have physical relationship because they feel that it will hurt the child.

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