Indonesia citizens get 30 days free visa: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday out of three countries. After reaching Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, he was present in different programs.

Then PM Modi addressed the people of the Indian community.  He said, as hundred and hundred crore Indians have given me an opportunity to become a ministerial servant, similarly the people of Indonesia have also accepted the President Widodo for the top position

He said, “Individuals from Indonesia will be given free visa to travel to India for 30 days”.

He added, “In the last four years, I have gone everywhere in the world as a representative of 125 crore Indians, and my efforts have been that millions of brothers and sisters like you, should meet the land where your roots are which is India.”

India and Indonesia have a relationship with Sanskrit and culture. All of you who have been living in Indonesia today, have a great chemistry with Indians.

Foreign investment is coming to India today at record levels. The Foreign Exchange in Reserve bank of India has risen from $ 300 billion to $ 400 billion.

People from 163 countries, including Indonesia, have been granted e-visa facility. The e-Visa tourism in India has increased by 150 percent.

During his visit to Indonesia, the Prime Minister went to the largest Ischikalal Mosque of Jakarta. The President of Indonesia was also present there with him. Then they reached Arjun’s chariot.

Following important agreements between the two countries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President of Indonesia gave a joint statement. Meanwhile, PM Modi said, “This is my first visit to this great and beautiful country. I am thankful to the President for hosting this trip.

PM Modi was also seen flying kites with the President of Indonesia.

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