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India gets first ever Tesla Electric SUV!

According to the claim, India gets its first ever Tesla Model X SUV. This SUV is much more tech-friendly and has seven seater seats (optional). Tesla Model X costs $ 73,800 to $ 128,300 (about 48 lakhs to 83 lakhs) according to the variant. This car has been brought in as CBU in India and it is expected that its price will be more than 1 crore after tax.

Speaking of the performance of Model X, it reaches the speed of 0-100 kmph in 2.9 seconds. Model X has been prepared in the US. Falcon doors that opened in this vertical manner have made it the most popular. This makes it easy to enter and exit the car. Two electric motors have been given to the equation. In the base model, both the front and rear motors together generate generating power of 259BHP. According to Tesla’s claim, the variants of this car can travel up to 474 kms in a single charge. The model brought in India is reportedly P75D, whose range is 381 kilometers.

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