If the Chief Gogoi is proved to be a lover, then the punishment will be set accordingly: Bipin Rawat


After the controversy over a hotel in Srinagar in Kashmir, the army ordered a court of inquiry against Major Letul Gogoi on Friday.
Gogoi allegedly went to the hotel with a woman and a man.
Before the army chief, General Bipin Rawat, to the private newspaper wrote that if Gogoi was guilty of any crime, and if found,  then he will be punished, which will be an example.

General Bipin Rawat

The Army officer said that the court of inquiry has been ordered in this matter and on the completion of the process
Appropriate action will be taken.

Major Gogoi was in discussion last year because of his activity of tying a civilian with the jeep to use him as a human shield. He was also reported to be awarded by the army.

Recently according to news Major Gogoi was blamed for taking a local Kashmiri women to a hotel against her wish but the Kashmiri woman whom Major Gogoi  went to check in with at a downtown hotel on Wednesday has told a judicial magistrate that she was his “Facebook friend” and had gone to see him “of her own free will”, even as her mother disputed it.

The girl was then examined to check whether she is an adult or not but asking her for her Adhaar card on which it is imprinted that she is 1999 born.

She said that she started talking to Major who had an account named “Aadil Adnan” but later he himself disclosed his identity and it is after that they became friends through social media.

After all this discussion, her (woman’s) mother, Naseema Begum, claimed that Major Gogoi and Mala, who is also an Army soldier, raided their house several times in civvies since March this year and engaged her daughter in conversations “without any reason”.

Ever since their house was washed out in the 2014 floods, Naseema, her husband and their four children, including the woman, have been living in a tin shed.

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