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IBM Has Launched World’s Smallest And Cheapest Computer Chip.

San Francisco,

IBM revealed what it claims to be is the world’s smallest computer.

The machine will pack several hundred thousands of transistors into a chip smaller than a grain of salt, and cost 7 rupees only.

The processor is intended track goods and combat fraud in the global supply chain, and while it won’t be doing heavy lifting or have much in common with what most people consider a computer, IBM claims it will be capable of monitoring, analyzing and sorting data, thanks to having access to about as much power as a 1990s x86 processor.

According to IBM “the chip will act as what it describes as a crypto-anchor, which works beside blockchain technology to connect the physical to the digital world, to help verify if a product has been handled properly throughout its journey.”

IBM illustrates crypto-anchors as “tamper-proof digital fingerprints” that are linked to the blockchain, and says “it’s researchers are developing the chips to be embedded into products. The tiny solar-powered computers would rely on LED lights to communicate with a network.”

Binding these chips to a blockchain, provides “a powerful means of proving a product’s authenticity” says IBM, adding “within the next five years, cryptographic anchors and blockchain technology will ensure a product’s authenticity — from its point of origin to the hands of the customer”.

What makes blockchain so potentially useful for tracking goods is that it offers a decentralized database that is immutable and unforgeable.

IBM said, “the first crypto-anchor chips could be available within 18 months and be commonplace within five years.

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