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Here, 1 bottle of milk is worth 84 thousand, Read where…

There is a continuous fights going on about the rise in inflation in India, but people are paying 84 thousand for 1 bottle of milk in Venezuela. Here the price of inflation has reached at such level that when people go to the shop to fill the ration for the month, they need to carry a sack full of their currency notes. Here the conditions are getting worst. There is a famine of food for the poor people here. The Venezuelan central bank now has only 10 billion dollars left with them. Now bank has not been able to pay their full loan. It also has to pay debt to countries like Russia, China and Japan. Due to high price rise, the value of the currency bolívar has decreased greatly. Here the value of a dollar has gone down to 84000 bolívar.

In India, when there is more than 3% increase in inflation, people starts protesting. At the same time, there has been an increase of 4,000 percent in Venezuela. According to reports, the extreme hunger of the people here has made a bad habit. Everyday things are not available in the shops and wherever it is available, there they need millions of bolívars to buy things for a month-long ration.

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