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Hackers steal 5.7 million Uber users and drivers personal details

On Tuesday, the company, Uber, which provided taxi booking services, informed about the hackers stole private data of 5.7 million users and drivers associated with its platform in 2016. For this year, Uber has paid one million dollars to clear the data from hackers. According to the report published in the language (PTI) quoted AFP, the company’s chief executive Dara Khosrovski said in a statement that nothing like this should have been done and he will not make any excuses for this. According to Khosrov, Uber has removed two members of the Information Security team from the company with immediate effect yesterday.

Both of them did not inform users on time that their data was stolen. He said that recently he has only discovered that an outsider downloaded a large amount of data by damaging the security of the cloud server used by the company. According to Uber, the names of the users, name of the e-mail ID, mobile number and the names of nearly 600,000 drivers and their license numbers have been stolen in the information stolen. A source linked to this said that Uber has paid one lakh dollar (6478500.77) to destroy data from hackers. Users and drivers in this regard are not informed that their data is at risk.

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