H-1B visa holding Indians would not have to leave US, discloses The Immigration Department.

There is relieving news for thousands of Indians working in the United States. Trump Government’s authority (ucac) stated that their government is not planning to release the Americans who have been holding H-1B visas. This announcement was made by “US Citizenship and Immigration Service” after America came up with a report making the rules more strict for H-1B visa.

“If the United States will make changes to the H-1B visa, then it does not mean that people quit their jobs and leave for their homeland” said Immigration Secretary Jonathan Virthinger. Recently, there have been reports that the United States is making a fair deal on the rules for extended H-1B visas. Under the H-1B visa, 7.5 lakh Indians are working and all of them may have to leave the United States.

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