The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has Election for presidential position Today.


The election for The Vishwa Hindu Parishad presidential position will take place in Gurugram today. This poll will decide the fate of Hindu hardliner Praveen Togadia but also decide RSS’ grip on it. But most importantly, it’s a battle between Togadia’s existences v/s Narendra Modi’s ego, against whom Togadia has publicly rebelled.

The poll that’s taking place for the first time in 52 years. Here the headlines.


G Raghav Reddy: He is the incumbent president and a loyal of Togadia. He in fact referred Togadia to be the international working president. Togadia has thrown his entire weight behind Reddy. He is serving his second term as president and eying for the third.

V Kokje: vice-president and now a contender for the president’s post. He has served as governor of Himachal Pradesh and a former judge as well. The Sangh Parivar or the RSS is believed to be backing him. He also has support from the BJP.


As per the standards, the executive board and committee of trustees nominate a name after deliberation which is passed unanimously. Last year in December, there was a departure from this when two names were suggested. However, no consensus could be reached but the election that never took place in 52 years is happening today.


This split within VHP has its roots in the animosity between Togadia and PM Modi. Decades ago they were friends, but now an arch enemy.

Things got worse when Togadia extending his support to Patidars during Gujarat election. This was seen by the BJP as treachery.

After that, the alleged kidnapping of Togadia and subsequent surfacing was seen as a move to embarrass

BJP. In his latest salvo this week, Togadia has alleged that Modi is using Ram Mandir to kill people and use it for his political benefits.

BJP and the larger Sangh Parwvar had no way but to engineer a coup.

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