GPS Will Be Mandatory For Private Transport Body Vehicles.


It will be compulsory to apply a GPS system in all the transport passenger vehicles of the entire state from 1st April. The state’s Department of Transportation has issued a written order to operate the transport public vehicles in the state by GPS, Which Includes taxi and private travel buses. But the school vans get some relaxation in this rule. The government has mandated a GPS system for closed-body private vehicles such as a taxi cab, a private luxury bus etc.

Another Relief to passenger vehicles will be if they use it as a personal vehicle then there might be a slight benefit. Most of the schools running in the city usually have private passing, who are also benefited from this relaxation technically.

This GPS system will be useful especially for the work of preventing crime in the state, preventing accidental incidents and providing instant service in road accidents.

They will also be able to get rid of events that occur with women in this kind of vehicles. For this, the government has ordered GPS compulsory from April 1 to every private transport body.

On this, Transport Commissioner, Vipul Mitra, said that “from April 1, it is compulsory to apply a GPS system to all closed-body vehicles in the state. The state government is serious about implementing this order and strict punishment for its breach will be done”

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