Due to immense increase in the rate of petrol and diesel barrel at international level and simultaneous
drop in dollar-rupee ratio, the chances of decrease in petrol and diesel price in India seems less on the
seventh continuous day.

According to the surveys, the hike in petrol and diesel prices are counted to be the highest since the last
rise in 2014. As per reports, petrol price has touched the benchmark of Rs. 76.24 which apparently
broke the record of price being Rs.76.06 in 2013 whereas diesel price rose to Rs.67.57 which is again
highest of all time.

Today, petrol price increased by 33 paisa and on the other hand rise in diesel is price is marked by 26
paisa. Rates vary from states to states. By now Delhi has comparatively lower price rate for today when
compared to other metro cities and state capitals. Overall the rise in petrol price is raised by Rs. 1.61
and Diesel has been increased by Rs. 1.64 in last one week.In India, petrol is most expensive in Mumbai where high local taxes has resulted in a price of Rs 84.07per litre. Petrol has reached Rs 80 mark in Bhopal (Rs 81.83 a litre), Patna (Rs 81.73), Hyderabad (Rs80.76) and Srinagar (Rs 80.35). Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 78.91 per litre while it is priced at Rs 79.13 in Chennai. The cheapest petrol is available in Panjim where a litre comes for Rs 70.26.

Diesel is the costliest in Hyderabad were it is priced at Rs 73.45 a litre because of high local taxes. It is
priced at Rs 73.34 in Trivandrum. Other cities where diesel rates have crossed Rs 70 mark are Raipur (Rs
72.96 a litre), Gandhinagar (Rs 72.63), Bhubaneswar (Rs 72.43), Patna (Rs 72.24), Jaipur (Rs 71.97),
Ranchi (Rs 71.35), Bhopal (Rs 71.12) and Srinagar (Rs 70.96). A litre of diesel costs Rs 71.94 in Mumbai,
Rs 70.12 in Kolkata and Rs 71.32 in Chennai, as per the surveys. Diesel is the cheapest in Port Blair where it is priced at Rs 63.35. When asked to Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg about the cut in excise duty that is being charged on auto fuel, he simply refused to pass any comment.

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