Fraud on the name of the placement, DWC released three innocent girls

Delhi Women Commission has rescued 3 innocent girls from the clutches of a company cheating on the name of the placement. According to the commission, placement companies often bring girls from Jharkhand for jobs in Delhi. But the complaint from 6 families revealed that girls were kept in the rooms and they were assaulted. Commission Chairman Swati Maliwal told that, the Delhi Women Commission, 181, informed the families of the victims that their sons and daughters have been taken away by a placement company from Jharkhand. For 3 years, the placement company did not allow children to talk to the family living in Jharkhand.

According to Swati Malliv, after complaining, the Delhi Women Commission laid a trap under which the human smuggler called Akshardham was caught and then handed it over to the police. Although a woman running the business has been arrested but her son is still in search by the police. At present, 3 girls have been released from captivity but 3 girls are still missing.

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