Former model‘s accusation- ‘My husband pressured and assaulted me to accept Islam!’

A former model named Rashmi Shahbajkar has accused her husband of assaulting her to accept Islam and even kidnapping her son. He tried to throw her out of the house when she refused. Rashmi accused that her husband has an illegitimate relationship with a Hindu woman and he wants to make her Muslim too.

 Rashmi Shahbajkar has told the police that she got married to Asif Shahbajkar in the year 2005. It was all good in the beginning of the marriage, but after three years, her husband pressured her to accept Islam. He assaulted Rashmi when she refused. He even threatened to throw her out of the house. Rashmi gave birth to a son in 2010. During this time, her husband started seeing another woman. Rashmi says that in 2016, she caught her husband red-handed with this woman. She also said that her husband has married this Hindu woman too. This woman is half the age of her husband.

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