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First Robot Citizen, Sophia!

When Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Robot Sophia on October 25, many people criticized it. Saudi Arabia is counted in countries where women have lesser rights than men. In such a situation, people talked of giving the rights to women instead of a robot. Now the same robot has spoken for women’s rights. The developer who created Sophia says that he is just at the starting position and can see further development in it. He says that Sophia is also a big fan of women officers.

The brain of Sophia Robot has been prepared by Lead AI developer David Hanson in Hanson Robotics. However, knowledgeable people also say that through Sophia, Saudi Arabia wants to make its image like a very developing country, so that investors from around the world choose Saudi Arabia. The country has been focusing on things like tourism and infrastructure. In this case, Sophia seems to be helping Saudi Arabia. Sophia is the world’s first robot to gain citizenship. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, this robot can also talk and put her thoughts.

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