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Fastest-Orbiting ‘Super-Earth’ Planet ever discovered where a year gets complete in just 7 hours

Kepler Telescope has discovered a planet in which the year ends in 7 hours.
One year ends with the end of 365 days on earth. It has summer, winter, rain and spring. But Kepler Telescope has discovered a planet in which the year ends in just 7 hours. This is being called the fastest Planet in space. Knowing the orbit of this planet will surprise you too. According to the report, the orbit of this planet is only for 6.7 hours. The name of this planet is EPIC 246393474 b and the second name of this planet is C12_3474b. 

Kepler is called the Planet Hunting Telescope. It has searched 2300 planets so far and now it has discovered this planet near the Earth. After two reaction failures in 2013, Kepler started the K2 mission. According to scientists, the environment here has completely damaged due to Stellar radiation. Remarkably, the newly discovered speedy planet is actually pretty large, being three times as big as Earth and 5.3 more massive. This suggests a solid, heavy rocky body with lots of iron, with the iron content reaching up to 70 percent, scientists say.

It orbits its host at only 0.007 astronomical units (1 AU equals the average distance from Earth to our sun) or 650,690 miles, or only three times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Besides, its atmosphere has probably been completely blown off by stellar radiation, the scientists say. That close to the star, the planet is lucky it hasn’t been vaporised entirely.


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