Farmer’s resenting due to the Government’s flickering stand on groundnut pricing.


Groundnut prices have created havoc these days. This time, there is a lot of production of the groundnuts in Rajkot market yard and farmers are complaining that the government does not buy at the support price as promised to them and suddenly the government has stopped buying groundnuts at the support price from today at all. Farmer Rajubhai says that our people are very resentful; the government has said that they will buy such goods at support prices, but the goods have not been bought accordingly. The goods of the farmers having relations with the government have been sold.

The government has stopped buying the groundnuts at the support price in the entire Saurashtra from today, 12 o’clock in the night. On this side, Rajkot has become a very large market yard, and in such a scenario when Government has stopped buying groundnuts from the farmers, groundnuts in large quantities are present unsold in their houses and that is why the farmers have been very resentful. Rameshbhai says that the poor farmers could not sell the goods at desirable rates. Now we have to sell the goods from the yard in which we will get very less prices.

Deputy CM Nitinbhai Patel, on the other hand, told the media that the groundnuts are going to be purchased at support prices only. These are nothing but rumors. Amongst the farmers’ agony, Krushi Mantri RC Faldu said that groundnuts will be purchased from the farmers till the last goods they have. Purchase of groundnuts at support price is continuing. There are some people who are adulterating their groundnuts. From them, nothing will be bought. The state government has introduced this to the central government. Purchase of groundnuts at 137 centers is continued.

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