Faridabad, Haryana: Four rape cases in three days.

Four cases of rape have surfaced in Faridabad in Haryana in the last three days. The latest case is from a village of Faridabad, where 6 goons entered a house on the strength of the weapons. After making the husband hostage, they gangraped his wife in front of him and then robbed them. The police are investigating this matter.

According to the information, the woman lived with her husband and two children in a colony outside a village in Faridabad. Last night, both children went to their uncle’s house. At night she was sleeping with her husband and one of her tenants was sleeping in another room. At about two o’clock, her distant nephew Rajkumar came.

As soon as the woman opened the door, Rajkumar pointed a revolver at her. He pushed her into the couch. After this, five other people also entered the house. The woman’s husband was tied with ropes and thrown behind the house. The victim has alleged that after tying her, the accused raped her repeatedly turn by turn. When she resisted, they beat her, after which she fell unconscious and was raped again. After that, they ran away with jewelry worth around Rs 3 lakh and a 1.40 lakh cash from the house.

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