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Famous renowned people are at risk of early death, know how!

According to a recent study, being a famous actor or a sports star can lead to early death. Researchers at the University of Queensland and New South Wales analyzed more than 1,000 homages between 2009 and 2011. They came to know that those who were famous as artists or sports stars, had the possibility of dying at an early age, the average age of who was 77 years. Those who were famous for their political career or were in business, they lived the life at an average of 83 years, while people in academics have lived for nearly 82 years.

In addition, the average age of men in homages was about 80 years and 78 years for women, which is different from the average age of common men (76 years) and women in America (81 years), which shows that an actor or famous star is likely to die quickly. In this way, retrospective analysis cannot prove anything, but some interesting questions are definitely raised from this.

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