“Everything is not okay, democracy is at stake”, says 4 senior Supreme Court judges.

It has happened for the first time in the country that the Supreme Court judges have come out in the media. After the Chief Justice, another senior judge, Justice Chelameswar said in a press conference that two months ago, we four judges had taken the appointment for visiting the Chief Justice by writing a letter. We told the Chief Justice that whatever is happening is not proper. The administration is not running properly. We failed to explain the Chief Justice, so we have put our words before the nation.

It is happening for the first time in the country that the judges of the Supreme Court are doing a press conference. In this press conference Judges J. Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur and Kurian Joseph were included. Supreme Court Judge J.Chelameswar says, ‘All 4 of us are convinced that unless this institution (Supreme Court) is preserved & it maintains its equanimity, democracy will survive in this country, or any country.’

After being asked by media several times, Justice Chelameswar and Justice Kurian Joseph said, “We will make that letter public, which will make you clear about the matter.” Justice Chelameshar said, ‘We do not want that someone in the future tells us that we had sold our soul. That is why we have decided to talk to the media.’

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