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Digital Pill is coming now; you can no more lie about taking your medication. See how it works!

It is a very common problem of not taking medicines on time. You would have heard your friends or family saying that they forgot to take medicines very often. Some people even after forgetting lie to their friends or family or doctors that they have taken medicines on time. But now this lie cannot be hidden anymore. Yes, you read that correct! The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a medication in which the sensors are involved. This medicine will catch the patient’s lies easily.


After taking this medicine, the doctor will easily find out whether you have taken medication or not. Actually, in any disease, the doctor’s dose is decided according to the patient’s disease. But if the medication is not taken at the right time, then the difficulty increases. On behalf of the FDA, it was told that anti-psychiatric drug abilify mycite is the first such medication in which the digital tracking system is installed.

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