Did you know how much pocket money Mukesh Ambani’s children used to get? The amount will sure-shot put you in shock!

Mukesh Ambani, being Asia’s richest man, is always in talks due his royal lifestyle and business. Neeta Ambani also never misses to be in the news due to her IPL and social work. But their children have always stayed away from the limelight. They rarely come in the front of the cameras. But do you know about the pocket money of Mukesh Ambani’s children (Anant, Akash and Isha)? Do you know how much pocket money they used to get when they were studying? This secret was revealed by Nita Ambani herself.

Nita Ambani recalls an incident about her children, where she said – ‘When my children used to go to the school, I used to give them 5 rupees every Friday, which they used to eat at the school canteen. Once my son, Anant, came to me asking for 10 rupees. When I asked him why he needed that money, he said that his friends at school used to make fun of him for bringing only five bucks. They used to tease him by asking if he was an Ambani or a beggar.’

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