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Did you know 66 million years ago there were two winged dinosaurs!

More than 66 million years ago, there were two-feathered dinosaurs that are found trapped in the soil. These dinosaurs were of the size and shape of a donkey and are known as an oviraptorids. One of those dinosaurs was found spreading its neck and feathers on the chest trapped inside the soil. It could not fly but it had a sharp toothless beak, which was likely to eat shellfish, plants, nuts and eggs.

Study co-researcher Steve Brucettet said “The posture of the animal is standing, the neck is standing, the arms are spread in the sides, it seems that it is trying to free itself, from those signs we think that he was stuck up in the soil and was trying to get out. Dinosaur “mud dragon” in the south-eastern China, the cavity found in the gangrene, is the ovary of the newly formed species. Its discovery indicates that during the last 15 million years of Creteaceous, these feathered dinosaurs evolved and with diversity, roaming around the Earth, about 60 million years ago, non-avian dinosaurs (including overerapratides) were killed.

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