Delhi: Stomach worms sucked 22 liters blood of a 14-year old boy.

Worms in the stomach of a fourteen year old child sucked 22 liters of blood in two years. This case has been exposed in Delhi’s Gangaram Hospital. When the child’s lack of blood reached the alarming level, his family admitted him to the hospital where doctors treated the child with endoscopy. Such blood sucking worms in the stomach are known as hookworms in medical language. If the number of these insects is higher in the stomach, the children become prey to anemia.

Dr. Anil Arora, Head of Gastroenterology Department of Gangaram Hospital said that there was a shortage of blood in the body of the teenager for quite some time, but he was unable to find anything about it. The victim was brought to the hospital six months ago. He said that within two years, blood was circulated in about 50 units (22 liters) due to continuous reduction of blood in the body of the child. This case of worms in the child’s stomach has been published in the Journal of Infection Disease and Therapy, Gastroenterology Department.

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