In The Resignation Season, UP’s Congress Chief Raj Babbar Resigns From His Designation.


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has given an indication of a sideline of the party’s legislators, and the season of resignation has begun. Now after the resignation of Goa’s Congress Chief Shantaram Naik, the news of UP’s Congress Chief Raj Babbar also resigned has just floated up.

If sources are to be believed, then Raj Babbar has resigned as the UP’s Chief. Raj Babbar is believed to have stepped down after the Congress’s poor performance in the by-election of the Lok Sabha for Phulpur and Gorakhpur seats in the Uttar Pradesh. However, Congress party has not made an official statement about Raj Babbar’s resignation. They say that the party’s high command is still thinking about whether to accept Raj Babbar’s resignation or not

Fascinatingly the resignation of Raj Babbar comes three days before the Rajya Sabha elections, the resignation is considered a very bad news.

Unfortunately for the matter, we cannot get in touch with Raj Babbar.

Although Raj Babbar gave an indication of his resignation as he tweeted” अंत में मित्रों, इतना ही कहूंगा कि अंत महज एक मुहावरा है जिसे शब्द हमेशा अपने विस्फोट से उड़ा देते हैं …. उनकी ऐसी पंक्तियां उन्हें कहां हमसे दूर होने देंगी । कविवर केदारनाथ सिंह जी को विनम्र श्रद्धांजलि “.

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