Death of laborer from hunger, officials declared kidney and liver failure.

A 42-year-old laborer died due to hunger in Uttar Pradesh. He succumbed to death from his 85-year-old mother’s lap. It is being told that he did not eat food for three days. He struggled with death for three days in the closed room. The rage broke when the news came to the administration.

According to the information received, the name of the deceased was Nemchandra Naigiri. He used to run his house by doing labor work. On receiving information about the death from hunger, the SDM, Accountant and MLA representative reached his house. Commissioner Dr. P.V. Jagan Mohan said that Nemchandra’s death was not due to hunger but by kidney and liver infection. We thought that his death was due to hunger, but in his post-mortem report, his kidneys and liver damages were reported.

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