Deadly virus took lives

Recent outbreak on the topic of this mysterious virus killing lives has led to the rushing of team of
experts assisted by Union Health Ministry. Name of this deadly virus is Nipah virus which recently
became responsible for the demise of at least 9 people. Reports have majorly found out in Kozikhode
district if Kerala. This virus is extremely dangerous and is becoming famous due its fatality rate and
absolutely no cure.

More of the deaths are also reported from the same area and areas nearby but reason for the deaths is
not confirmed yet. “We have confirmed 9 deaths. Out of these only 3 are Nipah positive. We have sent
samples of other infected people to the National Virology Institute in Pune. We can calculate the exact
cause of death only after getting the results,” said State Health Secretary Rajeev Sadananndan.
Two deaths have taken place in Kozhikode Medical College on Monday whereas two died in taluk
hospital. It spreads mainly through bats, pigs and other animals. It also spreads quickly from infected
person to the uninfected one.

“The National Virology Institute in Pune has confirmed that the dead were infected with Nipah virus,”
Saritha said Sunday night. She did not mention how many of the dead had tested positive. At least 9
died and 12 are admitted to hospital. According to the reports the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION
(WHO) has said that there is no medicine or cure that has been found yet for this fatal disease.
The only cure that is isolation of the patients has already been started and state health officials have
made it compulsory for all the hospitals having patients of this virus. Along with this decision of
electrically damaging the dead body of patient has also become necessary in order to stop the virus
from spreading its hand on larger area.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) India reported two outbursts of this virus in West
Bengal, bordering Bangladesh, in 2001 and 2007. Seventy one cases with 50 deaths (70% of the cases)
were reported in two outbreaks.

The first identification of Nipah virus as a cause of an outbreak of encephalitis was reported in 2001 in
Meherpur district of Bangladesh.

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