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Cyber criminals and hackers are not as nameless as we think.

The research paper, published in the journal Policing, said that hubs of cybercrime are underpinned by frameworks that, to a degree, make clear how the crime has become so widespread there. “Understanding the human aspects of cybercriminals – where they live, what they do, who they know, how they are organized and operate – is key to acknowledging the issue in a more complete way,” said Jonathan Lusthaus, co-author of the study.

While cybercrime is a global problem, it is clear that certain regions like Eastern Europe play an outsize role. The study focuses on Romania and certain towns within it. The paper investigates why Internet fraud is such a problem in the country and finds a number of key factors at play. Understanding a country’s infrastructure, economic situation and level of corruption, is vital. Considered together, these factors may help make sense of why cybercrime is so rampant in some societies and not others.

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