CWG 2018: India’s Performance on the third Day, Sivalingam wins gold in 77kg weightlifting category.

Carrara, Australia,

Sivalingam wins gold in Commonwealth Games in 77kg category men, the third consecutive day at Gold coast Games Third Consecutive Gold Medal.

Sivalingam is from Vellore in Tamil Nadu. His best Performance till date is in the National Weightlifting Championships in Karnataka.

Sathish in a statement after the championship said “the injury was serious and I had to undergo rigorous rehabilitation. Because of that I could not prepare properly for Gold Coast and am actually not fully fit even now,”

However, he made himself a tough competition, although he did not have any support of a physiotherapist neither inside the village nor at the warm-up hall, Sathish bagged India’s third gold medal in weightlifting competition at Commonwealth Games here with a commanding performance in the men’s 77kg. 

While in the Second snatch Jack Oliver was only one kg ahead, Sathish Once again proved himself by lifting six more kg weight than English weightlifter making his total 317 kg.

Sivalingam was sure about his lift but the English lifter made him tensed for a little while when he attempted 175Kg, which failed eventually.

After the medal Ceremony, the Indian Lifter said “If he had lifted that, I would have had to go for 176kg and I was a bit worried how that would have impacted my injury. But he failed to lift 175 and so I did not go for 176,”

Oliver had to settle for a silver medal. While Australian Francios Eutoundi with struggling injured shoulder managed to took the bronze medal with a lift of 305kg.

Sathish said: “There is not much support there though the coaches are trying their best but that is not the same as a physio doing that. I felt my legs loosen a bit, the back was loose because taping was not correct but I managed to overcome,”

The Indian lifter’s ultimate goal is To win a gold in  2020 Olympics but fo,r now wishes to go to the rehabilitation for some time before he starts to prepare for Asian Games happening in Indonesia this August .

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