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Crucial camera accessories to match with your new DSLR!

Have a look at some accessories that will go well with a DSLR camera.


A tripod is the most vital accessory for a photographer, as sometimes, it’s the only thing that ascertains the quality of an image. In fact, some forms of photography, such as long exposures, are possible only with a tripod.

Cleaning Kit:

The cleaning kit is absolutely essential especially if you’re travelling a lot or shoot in dusty environment and change your lenses frequently. Most retailers provide this for free with your DSLR purchase. The ideal DSLR cleaning kit contains a brush, a microfibre cloth, and cleaning solution.


Filters are used to enhance the way light enters your camera. The most common filter available on the market is a UV(or Ultraviolet) pass filter. A UV filter blocks UV light from entering the DSLR and therefore removes the extra dash of blue/purple that you now and then get in your photos, especially when shooting in bright light.

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