Congress most likely to get speaker and deputy CM’s position

CM-designate met Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi to discuss party's further decisions on Monday at national party leader's residence

Karnataka’s Chief Minister-designate HD Kumaraswamy met Rahul Gandhi and his mother, UPA’s chairperson Sonia Gandhi this Monday to discuss the distribution of positions and further working of the party and coalition. According to the reports collected, it has been said that names of the person sitting on the position of Deputy CM and speaker would be decided by Rahul Gandhi and no minister will take oath on Wednesday.

CM-designate meeting president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi on Monday

The meeting was a courtesy which was then followed by the formal meeting with pre-poll ally and BSP’s chief Mayawati. The discussion between CM-designate and Congress became interesting when Kumaraswamy was told to “forget the past and look to the future.”

As per the information so far, no formal negotiations have been made regarding the distribution of powers among the parties concerned. Along with the Kumaraswamy’s oath, Congress is also focusing on the confidence motion.

A meeting between Venugopal and Kumaraswamy was supposed to be held on Tuesday. Siddaramaiah will continue to be at the position of Congress’s legislature party leader. A committee for better coordination is most likely to be set up for smooth functioning between the party after the removal of “common minimum programme”.


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