Congress Is Not Satisfied With Amee Yagnik, Sonal Patel Resigns From Her Position…


The BJP has reprinted Union Minister Manoram Rupaliya and Manusukh Mandviya. On the other hand, the Congress has used the cast factor into selection the Rajya Sabha candidate. On Sunday night, the Congress declared the former Railway Minister Naran Rathwa as the Rajya Sabha nominee and female advocate Ameeben Yagnik as the candidate for the Rajya Sabha.

On Sunday, the meeting was held in Delhi, in which there was a lot of wrath in the Congress out of 22 of the Congress’s 22 nominations. Primarily, the top was running in the name of Deepak Babriya. But at the end of all the thoughts itself, the High Command decided to drop the name because, considering that the BJP has given a no-ticket ticket to Rupala and Mandviya, following the next Lok Sabha election, Congress High Command also changed its mind. Jainardan Dwivedi from AIC has sent the message to the Rajya Sabha only on the matter.

Sources say that this time also the Gujarat Congress leaders insisted on sending the leader of the party to the Rajya Sabha, but the Hikmand expressed his views on giving tribal and other communities giving a chance to the Rajya Sabha, following which Niran Rathwa, Prabha Tawaiyad and Ishwar Pathya among the prominent leaders of tribals Discussion was in which ultimately the name of the former Railway Minister Narn Rathana was decided.

The Congress had already made the intention of sending a woman to the Rajya Sabha, leading to the name of the leader of the service, Ila Bhatt. After this, the High Court Advocate and woman leader Ameeben Yagnik were elected unanimously. In the meantime, many political speculations ended.

Both Candidates of Congress will fill the form at 11 o’clock in the Congress Legislative Assembly of both the Congress Rajya Sabha, Narayan Rathwa and Ameeben Yagnik.

Congress leaders will also attend this event. On this side, Purushottam Rupala and Mansukhia Mandviya will reach the assembly at 10 am, where they fill the form in the presence of leaders including Chief Minister. Two candidates from the BJP and Congress will form the form so that there is a complete possibility of getting all the seats unoccupied, which is unlikely to be held on 23rd.


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