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Check out the never ending list of benefits of coriander leaves!

Coriander is found in almost all the households. Now, let us tell you the benefits of this green magic!

– The amount of Vitamin A and C found in coriander works to increase the immunity against the disease in your body.
– If the blood is coming out of your nose, then just put the juice of its leaves in the nose and it stops bleeding.
– Phosphorus can be completely eliminated in body with coriander powder.
– Drinking juice of coriander leaves stops irritation in the urine, quenches thirst, reduces irritation in the eyes, and helps in diarrhea and gas.
– If you tend to eat more amount of food in winter, the complaint of diarrhea begins to grow. In such a situation, the coriander juice provides relief to the stomach.
– The problem in urine tract increases with decrease in water consumption. In this case, coriander in any form such as leaves, chutneys, or dry coriander is used to clear the tract and keep it healthy.
– Coriander is very beneficial for diabetic patients. It regulates the amount of insulin in the blood.
– If you frequently face the problem of dizziness, then using it with Amla will give you a great relief.

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