Check out Tapasi’s fierce reply to the vulgar comments on wearing short clothes!

Supporter of women empowerment, Tapasi Pannu, took a stand against the users who make fun of girls wearing short clothes on social media, this Saturday. Tapasi shared a picture on Twitter, in which she was wearing black and white strapless garment and light make-up. With the picture she wrote the caption, “Sometimes the best moments in life remain untouched, unedited and unused. Raw picture!”

The picture was not appreciated and people started commenting on it. However, Tapasi did not sit quietly and gave a strong answer to the haters. A fan asked her if she does not have the money to buy clothes or she likes to show her body. On this, Tapasi replied fiercely by saying, “Sir, we cannot find a protector of the culture like you easily. To recognize people like you, we had to do this, or else how would we find diamonds like you.”

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