Cape Town to face ‘Day Zero’ by running out of water.

Cape Town, abode to Table Mountain, African penguins, sunshine and sea, is a world-renowned tourist destination. But it could also be popular for being the first major city in the world to run out of water. The latest suggestions say that water could run out as early as March in the city. This catastrophe has occurred due to three years of very low rainfall, and ever-increasing utilization by its 4 million population.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says she has a new reason to hate Mondays. Mondays are when she gets weekly reports on levels in the dams that supply water to the city and on how much water its residents are consuming. The figures repeatedly show that “Day Zero”—when the city will run out of water—will most likely arrive in April-May. “We have to change our relationship with water,” said De Lille, who has even stopped washing her car. She spends 70 percent of her working day trying to find solution to the ongoing crisis. “Due to a fall in the dam levels by 1.4%, day zero has, as of today, moved forward to 12 April,” says the deputy mayor, Ian Neilson. 

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