BSF exposes China-Pak conspiracy, Plan to surround India with 5 different ways

The evil alliance of China and Pakistan is in the conspiracy to surround India with 5 different ways. According to today’s report it has information about all the places where China is equipped with China’s modern weapons and surveillance systems. What is the move of China and Pakistan and how India needs to be alert from them?

In the report submitted by the Border Security Force (BSF) to the Central Government, the Rajouri sector has been warned about the soldiers of Pakistan and China across the LoC. This report, submitted on October 20 of this year, describes how Pakistani soldiers are being trained with the modern weapons by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China on the cemetery Geary Top and Forward Defended Locality 26. In addition, China is helping Pakistan to equip the entire area from the surveillance system. These movements of China and Pakistan are visible to the Indian security forces where the young men of India are fully motivated, they are capable of responding to any misunderstanding of any misery caused by the LoC.

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