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Born on the day of lunar eclipse, this man rules the world of tech.

On 31st January, Super Moon, Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse were seen together. This was the first eclipse of 2018 and after 150 years super blood blue moon was visible. It could be seen throughout India.  There are many mythological beliefs in Hinduism regarding lunar eclipse. Pregnant women, in particular, are advised to take precautions during this period. It is believed that it is not auspicious for children born on this day. But this belief is broken by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984. This day was the day of lunar eclipse. But the way Mark has made his life breaks the belief that eclipse is inauspicious for children born on that day. Let us tell you that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in February 2004. He prepared this app in his college days and only the children of the campus used it. But in 2012, a billion users joined Facebook, which was a big record in itself. In 2016, Forbes included him in the list of the world’s 10 most powerful people.

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