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Blue eyes and beautiful hair, meet ‘the world’s most beautiful girl’!

A 6-year-old girl is gaining much more fame and love than even the models. Everyone is going crazy about her cuteness and blue eyes. Yes, this girl is being called ‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’. The pictures of this girl are being discussed widely on social media. Persistently, her followers are increasing day-by-day. The name of this little girl from Russia is Anastasia Knazevoj. Now this girl has become the world’s youngest most beautiful model.

Pictures of Anastasia are very liked much on Instagram. You would be surprised to know that she has over 8 lakh followers at the age of 6. Let us tell you, when Anastasia was four, her mother, Anna made an account with her name on Instagram. In two years this girl became very popular and her followers kept on growing. This little girl models for the largest Russian brand Chobi Kids. 

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