Bihar: A minor hangs himself due to forced marriage with his own sister in law.

A shocking news has come from Bihar’s Gaya district, where a minor guy committed suicide within two hours of his forced marriage with own widow sister-in-law. According to the information, this incident is from Vinoba Nagar village, fifteen kilometers away from the district under the Paraya police station. Here, Mahavir Das, aged fifteen years, who was studying in 9th grade, was married to his widowed sister-in-law, this Monday.

Mahavir was unwillingly married to his widowed sister-in-law, Ruby Devi, who is also the mother of two children. But within two hours of marriage, Mahavir committed suicide. Residents say that this marriage was done under pressure from the village people and local society. Mahavir opposed it and later hanged himself to death. On this matter, Mahavir’s father says that he protested as his sister in law raised him as his son and now he was forced to marry her. However, they said that this marriage was done under the pressure of their daughter-in-law’s parents.

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