Bigg Boss 11: This person will become the new captain of the house!

In Bigg Boss house, a new drama is all set to unfold. Everyone has chosen Vikas and Priyank’s name for captaincy with mutual consent. Now there is a war between these two for captaincy. A stage is placed in the garden area. Priyank and Vikas will have to play the role of DJ. Both of them have to make housemates dance on their songs. Whenever the singing will be done, the housemates will have to dance at the dance floor. But if any housemate does not come to the dance floor on either of them’s song, then those members will lose.

The news has come to the sources that Vikas Gupta would win this task and the new captain of the house would be none other than Vikas Gupta again. Yes, Vikas has once again become the new Captain of the house. Vikas has won the Captaincy again by defeating Priyank. Well, recently, Vikas and Priyank have been friends. Priyank even cried while hugging him and apologized for his behavior with him lately. Let’s see what impact this task has on contenstants now!

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