Bigg Boss 11: Drama Queen Hina Khan is ahead of even Alia Bhatt in General Knowledge!

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Hina Khan beats Alia Bhatt in terms of general knowledge. In an episode of Bigg Boss, she gave an introduction of her GK in the interaction with Vikas Gupta such that people could not control their laughter. Vikas was also surprised by her GK, and could not understand her question.

Vikas, Arshi Khan and Hina Khan were talking about GK. In between, Hina Khan asks, “Which is the country in which four tropics come?” Arshi Khan says this is nonsense. Hina recommends her to once see the map and study it. Arshi gives many wrong answers. Hina Khan replies, Africa. Vikas asks, “Is Africa a country? Africa is the second largest continent of the world.” Hina Khan is making fun of Arshi Khan in this video but she does not realize how she is being joked in the outside world.

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