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Bhutan’s Queen fell in love at the age of 7!

These days, the stories of Prince Harry and his fiancée are in news all over the world. People are eagerly waiting for their marriage. But do you know about a royal couple in our neighborhood, whose popularity is not any less? We are talking about King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan and his wife Queen Jetsun Pema. There is an age difference of 10 years between the two. You might not believe it, but at the time when Wangchuck was 17 years old and Pema was 7, they fell in love. They first met during a family picnic in Thinfu.

Wangchuck was not a king at that time, he was a prince. He had bowed to his knees in full royal style, proposing Pema. This proposition was not about expressing love. These proposals were about the promise of spending their life together. Wangchuck said to Pema, when you will grow up and by then if we both are single then I would like to make you my wife. After that, they got married in 2011. Pema, like her husband, goes to people and listens to their problems and helps them. The proof of their love is that Wangchuck has announced that he will never marry any other woman other than Pema, even though there is no ban on having more than one wife in Bhutan.

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