Bharat Bandh protests also seen everywhere in Gujarat.


Due to the change in the ST-SC Act, there has been a lot of resentment by the Dalit organizations against the decision of the Supreme Court. Dalit organizations around the country declared Bandh in protest against the Supreme Court ruling. In which political parties have also supported. Amid this, there has been a lot of traffic jam in Gujarat too.


In Ahmedabad, the ban was declared by the Dalit community. There was Crowd gathered around Ambedkar statue near in sarangpur. Following Bharat Bandh, action taken by the police, strict police arrangements made at every check post has been organized across the city.


Surat’s Dalit community protested the bandh by gathering on the highway together and protesting. A tight police force was set up to guard the highway.


Navsari also affected by the bandh. In this protest, the tribal communities protested on the road. The Tribal Dalit community performed a large rally from Navsari railway station. Police stopped People from closing petrol pump Public was stopped from taking petrol in the bottle.

Chota Udaipur,

So, in Chota Udaipur, the district binding was given by the Dalit community. Boarding markets were closed following the closure. Dalit community leaders protesting against the protesters protested.


As well as the impact of the Bandh was seen in Siddhpur. The Dalit community jammed the highway of Siddhpur and on the Palanpur highway traffic seems to have created a deadlock on the highways.

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