Bahrain devises first-ever ‘Baby Olympics’

Bahrain has publicized plans to host the first-ever ‘Baby Olympics’ in April, where two to four-year-olds will take part in the games and medals will be contested by them. The move is proposed for creating “awareness among youngsters to practice sport”.

BOC (Bahrain Olympic Committee) aims to comprise five disciplines-athletics, gymnastics, football, basketball and weightlifting. The Athletics competition will host three events: medley relay for 4 year-olds, hurdles toddle for three-year-olds, whereas participating two-year-olds will cross a specifically intended stretch of 15 meters in a freestyle race. 

Additional Olympic events will include a freestyle gymnastic moves competition, a free-kick competition in football, a basketball free-throws challenge, and a weightlifting demonstration. Nurseries from all over the country will be involved in a number of sports events to prepare their kids for the event, which could look a lot like a popular spoof video released by the Olympic Channel last year about a “Baby Olympics”.

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