Arshi makes fun of Punish, Girlfriend Bandgi gets furious!

This Sunday Bandgi Kalra was eliminated out of the Big Boss house. Since then Punish keeps on crying the entire time. Arshi made fun of him by calling him Majnoo who keeps crying all the time. On this comment of Arshi, Bandgi got very furious at her for making fun of Punish’s feelings.

In an interview, Bnadgi said, “Arshi treated me very badly. She is just playing her own game and is trying to save her in any way she could. She cannot think of anyone except herself. Looking at the way Arshi comments on things, we can definitely say she does not care about anybody. Punish was crying and all she could do is make fun of him.” Rest of the housemates supported Punish when Bandgi got eliminated.

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