Another fake currency case caught in Ahmedabad


Right after the change in currency by PMO India, defaulters have found a new way to counterattack the
new trend. It includes printing of fake notes in major. According to the surveys, Gujarat stands above all
the states in case of printing of fake notes. Two people are accused in order to carry fake currency worth
Rupees 4.80 lakh. This money is collected from Geeta Mandir bus station.

The main reason of & NOTEBANDHI in November 2016 by Narendra Modi was to keep the black money devils away but by considering the amount of fraud cases emerging since then shows that devils found
another way to create discrepancy. The one arrested with fake notes is Zunaid alias Sonu Meman, while
the other is Virat alias Tin Raaval. Police is carrying out further investigation in order to collect
information about the entire racquet that has been taken place.

According to reports the entire amount of fake currency that has been collected only in Gujarat after the
ban on older currencies counts Rs.2.61 crores

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